Ohio Grown | Fall Fashion from Wool to Worn

When planning for the autumn weather, I went in search of something sumptuous to create with, both in color and content. As I considered additions to my fall fashion line, I focused on high quality, locally sourced and ethically made supplies. Yarn is such a tactile experience, and as most fiber artists will tell you, your end product is only as good as the supplies you use to create it.

Heidi & Lana - A Tale of Two Lambs

Margaret, Heidi, & Lana

Margaret, Heidi, & Lana

Heidi & Lana is the creation of local maker Margaret Craig, a knitter, spinner and notions designer, who has a lifelong pedigree in wool. As a child, she grew up on a farm and was entrusted with the care of two lambs, Heidi & Lana. As a professional, she’s worked in various aspects of the fiber arts community: a knitter and spinner, a maker of stitch markers and now a fiber dyer with her own line of locally milled-base yarns. While a lot of yarns are made in large overseas factories, leaving very little quality control to the dyer, Heidi & Lana yarns are made in America.

Primarily I use Heidi & Lana’s “Meadow” yarn, an alpaca and merino blend that is luxurious and colorful. Alpaca is a delicate, fuzzy fiber that feels soft, almost fur-like on the hand. Merino wool comes from a type of sheep known for their dense, warm wool that doesn’t end up feeling scratchy or itchy when processed into yarn or clothing. The end result for this mixture of two types of fiber is a yarn that is durable and provides great warmth, but engulfs the wearer in luxury and softness. (Plus, Margaret presents them in gorgeous, rich colorways.)

Wearable Works of Art

After a few years of creating in chunky yarns that had become quite popular in knitwear, I fell in love with Heidi & Lana’s DK (or double knitting) yarn and her business story. DK weight yarn is somewhere between fine yarns used for projects like socks and shawls and a slightly thicker yarn more common in warm winter sweaters.

Teal Ruana

Teal Ruana

While deciding on my color palette I was entranced by a beautiful teal that was only dyed on one of the lighter yarns in Heidi & Lana’s line up. I was so excited that Margaret was willing to dye this colorway on her heavier yarn.

I’ve designed two ruanas, a garment similar to a cape or poncho in its flexible fabric and shape. The first is a crocheted piece worked in the custom teal color and the second is a yet-to-be-released design. Additionally I’ve added some crocheted wraps and accessories in these special yarns. The finished products are truly unique, and homegrown in Ohio, from wool to worn.

To compliment the pieces I’ve designed, I’ve also added a few of Margaret’s own designs to the line. A talented designer, she created some classic accessories and wraps especially for her yarns.

You need to simply touch this yarn or try on the finished product to fully understand how soft and cozy it truly is. The worked-up fabric lays beautifully and the signature teal Heidi & Lana dyes in this line of fiber is incredibly rich and on trend. This collaboration of supply and design creates a wonderfully wearable work of art.

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