Linda Damiani - Knitwear

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I love to knit – no surprise there. I began my knitting life with my first project – a pink and fuchsia poncho. What seemed to be a simple project sparked a passion for the craft. Soon my house was strewn with design books and magazines. Instruction from my grandmother, self-study and many classes exposed me to multitude of techniques and textiles to incorporate into my pieces. This wonderful new world sustained me through a dull, colorless, boring corporate career.

Once released, I was allowed the time to explore innovative techniques and unusual fibers culminating with knitting as an art. It's all about design, color, and texture. My one-of-a-kind wearables combine the finest fibers, colors, textures, and gauges; creating the unexpected and offbeat. All my knitwear (shawls, scarves, purses, and yes, ponchos) are knit and finished by hand – no knitting machines or other gadgets are used. The human touch is the most essential element in a truly innovative design.

As my creative and technical abilities have gotten bigger, my needles have gotten smaller. They have allowed me to incorporate the intricate art of knitwear with jewelry. The two have come together – the use of fiber techniques to make jewelry and the use of beads and crystals to embellish my hand knits. When looking at my jewelry you will quickly realize that these aren't ordinary necklaces, bracelets, and rings. You'll find Swarovski crystals, chunky coral, and other gemstones. The yarns now include not only silk and wool but also copper and sterling silver. Leather, suede, semi-precious stones, and vintage elements are occasionally mixed in to bring out the best effect. The variety of designs allows me to offer the perfect pieces for evening or day wear.

Linda Damiani - Rhapsody In Blue
Linda Damiani Runway
Linda Damiani - Renaissance

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