The Perfect Gift - Handmade Scarves and Wraps


Holiday shopping season is always a fun time of year because Fra Angelica Studio is filled with curious shoppers searching for those perfect gifts for their family and friends. At the studio, you won’t find bargain blowout deals on the latest Instapot or whatever this year’s trendy toy is, but you will find racks upon racks and cases of beautiful handmade art-to-wear from over 60 designers.

One Size Fits All

Shopping for fashion gifts can be tricky though and tends to scare some people off. This is mostly due to fears about fit, but fear not. Fashion comes in many forms and few types of garments are more flexible, functional, and fashionable than scarves and wraps. Handmade scarves and wraps make for surprisingly great gifts! Without having to worry too much about size and fit, you can focus more on the design, color and materials you think the gift recipient would like and focus less on if the stores’ return policy can save a mis-sized garment gift gone wrong.

Endless Gift Choices

From scarves to wraps and layers of all kinds like cowls, shawls, ruanas and ponchos, we are proud to host Cleveland’s largest collection of these truly amazing gifts. From hand painted silk to hand dyed merino wool and from subtle designs to bold statement pieces, we seem to have a great gift for everyone’s tastes. Before you give up the hunt for that perfect gift and just grab a gift card instead, take a look at some of our collection in the gallery below.

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind Cleveland shopping experience?  Fra Angelica Studio proudly carries an extensive collection of stunning art-to-wear. If you're searching for a unique gift idea for someone special or bold and beautiful designs for yourself, stop on by to try some on, or have a look.